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Total Low Current Solutions: Bihorns Expertise

Fire detection system operation training

Bihorns provides complete design and implementation for Low Current systems including but not limited to; MATV, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Security, Networking, Building Management, hospital and banking management system.
It makes us stronger and adds more value to our specialty when we have it all together to our clients. We have variety of solutions and dealership deals with world wide leading companies in order to provide high end quality products and solutions to our clients.
What makes us strong in low current solutions that we make the solution design from A-Z providing all system components to be integrated with each other in order to build a solid stable solutions. We train our team members on each system to make sure our clients will have the best experience ever and have their requirements fit into one solution.

  • CCTV

  • Fire Alarm
  • Network
  • Access Control

  • Fiber Optic
  • Intrusion System
  • Fire Fighting

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Our services

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