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Power substation and power transformer commissioning


Bihorns successfully completed the implementation of the engineering study for the re-configuration of the electrical power supply system at FKMS for our client, KPC. The project took place in Duhok and lasted for 8 months in the year 2022.

The project involved a range of tasks including engineering, procurement, construction, and pre-commissioning & commissioning. The following were the key aspects of the project:

  • Engineering: Study and detail engineering for overhead line (OHL) with on-load disconnector, direct buried medium voltage Cable, power transformer (11/0.4 kV of 630 kVA) kiosk module, low voltage power and signal cables, ATS board, extension of the new installed low voltage switchgear in the power center room, connecting all transferred customers from old distribution board located in security room to the power center’s low voltage switchgear.
  • Procurement: Proper procurement of OHL poles, OHL conductor/teal, On-load disconnector, medium voltage cables, power transformer, low voltage power cables, small amount of signal cables, ATS for generators, terminations kits & cable lugs for medium and low voltage cables, conduits, manholes, cable trays & ducts, bare conductor for earthing systems, earthing rods, cadwelding materials, low voltage switchgears (Extended columns only)…etc
  • Construction: Installation, assembly, and construction of all components as per the approved engineering documents.
  • Pre-commissioning & Commissioning: Conducted by the contractor to ensure the project was delivered successfully and the plant is operating properly and safely.

Bihorns is proud to have completed this project to the satisfaction of our client KPC, and we remain committed to delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget.

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