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Produced Water Facility TAQA

Client: TAQA
Location: Atrush
Duration: 1 month
Year: 2022


BiHorns has successfully accomplished E&I works for TAQA – Produced water facility with an experienced hands and a professional work.

Project purpose:

The project involves the fabrication and installation of cable trays and supports according to TAQA design and standard specifications, ensuring compliance with safety requirements. It includes the preparation of materials and accessories, installation of cable ladders with covers on existing pipe racks, installation of supports for various equipment and control stations, and laying, dressing, and termination of multiple types of cables. Additionally, laying a single-mode fiber optic cable and pulling and laying power cables of different specifications. Commissioning and Main earthing cable installation is also part of the project.

The main activities are:

  • Installation of:
    • 165 Meter of Cable Ladder with more than 35 Supports fabrication.
    • 9 JBs.
    • 3 LCS Panels.
  • Cable Pulling, laying and dressing for over than 2500 meter of cables consist of 22 Instrument, FOC and Power Cables.
  • Glanding and termination for all Instrument, FOC and Power Cables from both sides of each cable.
  • Earthing for all equipment, and cable trays.
  • Installation of SS tubes for pressure transmitters and drain lines.
  • Commissioning:
    • Power up for all equipment.
    • Make adjustments for all instruments by HART communicator.
    • Make function test for all equipment.


The Construction Manager opinion after completing the project:

Our technicians are highly motivated and proactive individuals who take ownership of projects and tasks to ensure they are completed on schedule, meeting quality standards and fulfilling client requirements. They excel in building relationships at all levels and inspire teams and individuals to perform at their best. We collaborate effectively with people at all levels, demonstrating honesty and integrity. We enjoy working with others, teaching them, and sharing our knowledge. We always strive to teach people we work with to the best of our ability

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