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Lighting pole wiring

HKN ST-1 B1 Electrical works

Client: HKN
Location: Atrush
Duration: 10 days
Year: 2024

Project Description:

This report details the completion of electrical works associated with various installations across the site.

Tasks Completed:

  • Installing cable trays.
  • Pulling, glanding, and terminating power cables.
  • Glaned and terminated cables for 6 lighting junction boxes (JBs) and 24 lighting projectors.
  • Installing JB for the lighting pole.

Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • All power cables successfully pulled, terminated, and connected to respective DBs and equipment.
  • Lighting in B1 office fully functional and compliant with safety regulations.
  • Improved electrical infrastructure across various site locations.


This project successfully completed all electrical works outlined in the scope, ensuring reliable power supply and proper lighting installation in designated areas.

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